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What is this Wonderous Thing?

Just sitting here silently flailing & squealing because I just discovered that the extended edition of The Hobbit is a real thing that is coming out this November!!!!

So, to Follow Up on that Last Post...

...I wish Royal Pains would admit that Hank and Divya are married in all but name.

...and I totally ship Will/Genie/Whatever-His-Name-Is with Alice.

So, you know what that means: They're doomed.

I'm getting a similar feeling about Cara & John in the bit of The Tomorrow People premiere I saw.

Why do I have to get attached to ships that are going nowhere other than the dark, dark bottom of the sea? So to speak.
I saw someone on Tumblr say that they better cast someone amazing as Puddleglum and I had a thought.

Benedict Cumberbatch.

You're welcome.


Castle Episode Quote on Playing Lottery

Esposito : I play my firsts--sex and combat.

Ryan: I play his firsts, too. [Esposito looks at him] What? That way we both win and it's not awkward.

I love these two.

I Want Amy Adam's Hair

That is all.


Well, That Might Raise a Few Eyebrows

Doing a stereotypical girl thing and coming up with names for my future possible kids ...

Alexandra, Lexie for short.
Addison, Addi for short.
Isabelle, Izzy for short.


I'm pretty sure the first two names weren't even really on my radar until after Grey's Anatomy. Oops.

Girls Getting Stuff Done

Watching the episode of Castle where Alexis was kidnapped. Loving the fact that she stays calm and has her friend help her figure out clues about where they are.

Plus, Papa!Castle. <3

And worried Beckett.


I Was Home Alone Earlier...

...And was watching a horror film inspired Castle episode.